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hailukong 04-02-2010 08:24 AM

Samsung NC20 is a keeper.
you have two options for silent mode operation on this computer.

1. from the BIOS: option Low & Auto
2. from windows by pressing Fn+F8 (you need to do this every time at system startup).

1 & 2 work together.

if you set this computer to silent mode from the BIOS, the fan will run constant (that is with Fn+F8 activated: Silent mode in windows).

in this mode, the computer regulates the fan working at minimal s***d, so the fan does not start and stop. intitiating from low s***d fan, then slowly rising as the computer heats up and declining as processor task is reduced.

i find myself using the combination: Auto in BIOS with Silent Mode activated within Windows.

the characteristics of the fan is OK. doing its thing with no whining frequencies, whispering in and then out.

i find the NC20 is an improvement over Acer 3810T but only because of the constant fan issue of the latter. if Acer were to release a BIOS update that allows the Timeline series to function like it does on battery, then i will not wait a second to buy it again.

i also need to point out how the brain automatically compensates and amplifies low volume. so when you get rid of one type of noise, you can be sure there will be more to follow. thats just the way life is..

for this reason, i can hear another type of faint sound that is frequently coming in and out.

the sound characteristic's resemble the letter "F' as it goes:

fffffffff.................ffffffffff.............. ....ffffffffffffff..................fffffffffffff

the noise is very faint and it sounds like a finger sliding on paper.
could this be the hard drive?
it is not very disturbing, just need to pinpoint where it's coming from.
i am thinking of installing a SSD, not only to reduce the noise levels but also to give some room for the CPU heat to dissolve.

i ordered a Thermapak (large size for better cooling convection) pad not only to reduce heat, but also to dampen the acoustic levels (i hope it works like that), as we already know, that a shiny surface will reflect and reverberate the minor artifacts culminating into little annoying disturbances.

i will keep this thread updated about the Thermapak experience.

notebookshopper 05-14-2010 09:01 AM

Samsung NC20 - with 1 GB of RAM, the NC20 netbook gives you the freedom to accomplish.

mrksem454 06-01-2010 10:52 AM

Nice Points you have mentioned above. And Strangely it is not even showing up now that I've rebooted, but if I see it again I'll try what you suggested.

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